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You can do a number of things in order to maintain your chainsaw in top condition. Besides oiling, you must also ensure that the chain and saw arm are regularly sharp. A chainsaw sharpener is what you will need to keep the chain sharp always.

However, finding the best chainsaw sharpener is difficult, especially with the many brands that are available to choose from. We have designed this article to not only show you what to look for when choosing the best chainsaw sharpener but also to give you the 7 best-researched chainsaw sharpeners that you can choose from the market. Let’s have a look at our seven best chainsaw sharpeners.

Our Rating of the Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

1. Oregon 541655 16-Inch PowerSharp Starter Kit for Stihl, Olympyk, Ole-Mac Chain Saws – Editor’s choice — $

Oregon 541655 16-Inch PowerSharp that is easy to use with an accurate sharpening system that gives you the power to sharpen your chain even when on the saw. With this tool, you can sharpen your PowerSharp chain in seconds.

Product Specifications

This sharpener features a unique sharpening attachment with a stone designed to instantly sharpen your chain.

 Its sharpener is a solid diamond-coated dresser that links the stone and chain into contact. The dimensions are 26.5 x 5.5 x .8 inches while it weighs 2.98 pounds. It comes with 91PS PowerSharp chain a guide bar that is designed for PowerSharp, as well as PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener. Oregon 541655 is a portable bar-mount sharpener that is lightweight and highly durable.

We highly recommend this sharpener for people who want fast and accurate sharpening. It is also great for DIYs as it is easy and simple to operate.


  • Easy to use
  • Sharpens fast
  • High sharpening precision
  • It is lightweight, 2.98 pounds


  • It May not fit Stihl saw well
  • Bar length is 16 inches, not 14 inches as per the product description

2. SKEMiDEX-Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Chain Blade Grinder for Oregon Husqvarna Stihl Echo – Best Sharpening Speed — $

This is an excellent chainsaw sharpener from SKEMiDEX that can be mounted to a bench, vise, or wall to allow for convenient sharpening of the chainsaw. It can also be adjusted to all designs and pitches of chain rotation rollers and advance links to do away with frust.

Product Specifications

This sharpener feature 7500 RPM sharpening speed and a larger side safety guard for not only a faster sharpening of the chain but also safety.

The high RPM greatly improves the life and cutting off your chainsaw with this simple yet effective chainsaw sharpener. It is comfortable to use with its 120v/60H 220W ball bearing motor.

We highly recommend this chainsaw sharpener due to its high RPM, which means you will have quicker and faster sharpening. It is also safe with large side safety guard mounts to bench.


  • Comfortable to use when mounted to a bench
  • It sharpens faster with higher RPM
  • High-quality electric chainsaw sharpener


  • A bit heavy
  • Prone to vibrations

3. TOOLS CENTRE Tools Centre’S Powerful Chainsaw Sharpener 4” – Best Original Chainsaw Sharpener — $

This sharpener is designed and made by Tool Centre specifically for people who enjoy sharpening using heavy tools.

The manufacturer is the authorized distributor for this sharpening tool to wade off duplication.

Product Specifications

TOOL CENTRE Tools Centre’s Powerful Chainsaw sharpener is a heavy-duty powerful 180W with a 4-inch long single blade. It features a safety goggle and one safety mask for protection. It boasts a no-load speed of up to 6300RPM, which makes sure you sharpen your chain quickly.

It also features strong plastic material for durability. Its dimensions are 11 x 4 x 4 inches and weight is 14.1 ounces. It comes in either green or blue color.

This sharpener is ideal for heavy-duty tool enthusiasts and people who want original equipment right from the manufacturer. Your safety is also guaranteed when using this tool since it comes with a mask and safety goggles.


  • It comes with goggles and mask as safety measures
  • Faster sharpening with higher RPM
  • Powerful with a 180W motor
  • It’s original right from the manufacturer


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • Comes in only two colors

4. Zinnor Mini Electric Chainsaw Grinder Sharpener Portable Saw Chain Grinder – Safest Chainsaw Sharpener — $

This mini electric chainsaw grinder from Zinnor is efficient and reliable since it is specially designed for sharpening the chainsaw at a faster rate as compared to chainsaws trowel. It can be delivered to you directly from the warehouse within 2-4 days in the US.

Product Specifications

Zinnor Mini Electric Chainsaw Grinder Sharpener features all pure copper motor as well as all-metal body for durable service. The chain grinder plate can be adjusted from 0o to 35o so as to adapt to either right or left teeth for different models of chains for precision grinding.

Moreover, the grinding depth adjustment knob can adjust the depth of the grinding stone during sharpening to ensure the grind doesn’t bite the chain way too deep.

This chain grinder comes with protective features like a transparent protection cover, a high power spring, a power failure protection switch, and a chain lock switch to protect you as you sharpen the chain.

This chain is one of the most efficient and reliable when it comes to sharpening chainsaws. It can sharpen fast to save you time. If you want an adaptive chain sharpener then this is your best choice.

Moreover, it comes with multiple protection aspects to ensure maximum protection while sharpening your chains.


  • Multiple protection features for safety measures
  • Adjustable chainplate for better sharpening
  • 100 percent pure copper motor and all-metal body for durability
  • Simple to operate


  • Slightly heavy
  • Prone to vibrations

5. Hotab 12V Chain Saw Sharpener Chainsaw Electric Grinder File Pro Tools –Best Price — $

Hotab 12V Chain Saw Sharpener is designed and manufactured by Hotab to be the cheapest chainsaw sharpener in our list. It’s one of the finest manual chainsaw sharpeners available on the market.

Product Specifications

This chainsaw sharpener comes with three sizes of grinding stones of 5/32 x 3/16 x 7/32 inch. The spindle lock eases the replacement of grinding stone.

It is also fitted with a 12V plug with a battery clips adapter supplied. As such, it operates on a standard 12V auto-type battery making sharpening of chains much easier. Its extreme hardness and strength make it durable and simple to operate.

This sharpener is recommended for those who want a manual hold sharpener that is sturdy and easy to use. Its portability and low power consumption make it one of the favorite sharpeners among PowerSaw owners.


  • Portable
  • It’s strong and long-lasting
  • It’s easy to use
  • Low-power consumption


  • It’s manual thus not very accurate
  • Not very powerful


This chainsaw sharpener from COLIBROX is the best suited for the professional user who wants faster and more numerous chainsaw sharpening. It’s also cost-effective for any DIY who wants to make his chain in top condition.

Product Specifications

This chainsaw sharpener boasts an 85W powerful motor that can be mounted to a bench to give a stable working base. It features an adjustable head and vice angles both to the left and to the right complete with brakes to hold the chain fixed in place.

The holding of the chain allows for a quick and efficient chain sharpening from the 4200 RPM speed grinding wheel, which measures 4-1/4 x 1/8 inches.

If you want a professional chain sharpener, you don’t have to look beyond this brand. Its design is great for professional sharpeners who need speed and attractive for a professional outlook.


  • Comfortable sharpening with bench mounting
  • Pivoting and Adjustable for quick and efficient sharpening
  • Higher sharpening speed of 4200 RPM


  • Slightly expensive

7. Electric Chainsaw Chain Saw Sharpener Grinder 4200RPM Wall Mount Tool TKY-11 – Best Quality Chain Saw Sharpener — $


This Chain Saw sharpener from TKT -11 is the newest brand that is designed and manufactured from high-quality material.

Product Specifications

This electric chainsaw sharpener features a chain visa that is adjustable to all chain designs and pitches, making it highly versatile. It also comes with mounts to wall, vise, bench and even working table for convenient sharpening of chains. Moreover, you can also adjust the height as well as position its scale.

With a grinding speed of 4200 RPM, it definitely comes with a safety guard and chain rotation rollers to keep you save during sharpening.

This electric sharpener is a great recommendation for those who want a safe yet quick chain sharpening. With its high RPM grinding speed, you will quickly sharpen your chains while they remain in top condition always.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Higher RPM grinding speed for faster sharpening
  • Versatile with mounts to the wall, work table, vise and bench


  • Slightly heavy

Things to Look for When Buying a Chainsaw Sharpener – Buyers Guide

Even though buying a sharpener may seem easy, buying the best sharpener that will serve you well is quite a challenge. However, there are a few aspects you must look for before you make a purchase. Here are the factors to look for to walk home with the best chainsaw sharpener that is worth your penny.


Usually, the more powerful the chainsaw sharpener you intend to buy is, the more efficient it would be at sharpening. Sharpeners are equipped with different sizes of motors that often range between 75W to 300W. In order to make a good purchase, RPM is a factor that your eyes should be fixed on whenever going around in search of your best sharpener.

Generally, a sharpener with a higher RPM will sharpen your chain quickly compared to a lower one. Nevertheless, you are most likely to pay more for the best chainsaw sharpener with high power as well as rotations per minute.

Chain Compatibility

Notably, not all sharpeners are capable of sharpening all chain sizes. However, most chainsaws feature chains that range from 0.325 to 0.404 inches. Thus, most sharpeners are able to effectively sharpen chains within this size range. As such, before you make a final decision to buy, ensure your chain will be compatible with the sharpener you intend to purchase.


Undoubtedly, you will want to buy a chainsaw sharpener that is long-lasting. As such, you ought to evaluate the design and construction of the sharpener you want to buy. Is it built to last? Does it feature high-quality materials? These are some of the questions you will want to answer before you settle down to pay for a particular chainsaw sharpener.

Typically, durable chainsaw sharpeners are built from heavy-duty metal, which can endure abuse. Some brands are constructed from a plastic material that may be flimsy and can break easily. So, to get the best and durable sharpener considers buying a high-quality option that can last for years.


It’s often said that you get what you pay for, and can be true when it comes to looking for the best chainsaw sharpener. As much as you want to stick strictly to your budget, you may also need to consider the cost of purchasing a cheap sharpener model. Cheap models are often prone to damages since they are not as strong as a slightly priced model. If it breaks, you will be compelled to buy another one. Hence no money saved here.

In case you rarely sharpen your chainsaw, you can consider buying an affordable brand. However, if you frequently sharpen your chainsaw, then buying a durable chainsaw sharpener will do you a great deal at keeping your chainsaw sharp.

Why Should You Buy a Chainsaw Sharpener? – Benefits of a Chainsaw Sharpener

A chainsaw is an important and powerful tool; however, it also experiences wear and tear that need to be taken care of. Whenever the blades become dull, a lot of concerns arise.

Dull blades result in an ineffective chainsaw. You won’t be cutting the way you used to cut, and you can even chance to bind the blade which can result in a kickback. Moreover, when your chain blade is sharp, your cuts will be much faster hence efficient in production. In fact, the quicker the speed, the less time you will have to work. In case you are using a chainsaw that runs on battery, you will stand a chance to have more. On the other hand, a gas-operated chainsaw will use a reduced amount of fuel.

Additionally, when you sharpen your chainsaw blade, you lengthen its life. When the blade is blunt, you will have more cutting due to the fact that it cuts slower. You will do work for a longer period, which puts extra wear and tear on the blade. The wear and tear will also be transferred onto the motor of your chainsaw, thus compromising the entire chainsaw.

As such, owning a chainsaw sharpener is very important since you will ensure your chainsaw blades are always sharp.

How can I Sharpen my Chainsaw?

If you are reading this, you want to have a sharp chainsaw, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to sharpening it. In fact, you’re not alone; many people don’t know how to sharpen their chainsaws well so we have compiled a quick, easy guide to sharpening a chainsaw.

  1. Select the right file type. If you want high-quality professional results to choose the electric file type to sharpen with the shortest time possible. Ensure that your file matches the chainsaw blade you intend to sharpen
  2. Start to sharpen from the link (this is a place without teeth). It’s usually at the start of your chain. In case you can’t locate it, then mark wherever you start from.
  3. Make even yet firm filing motions while aligning the file to match the angle of the blade. In order to produce a uniform sharp edge, maintain a uniform pressure all-throughout the entire length of the chain.
  4. Clean the chain and repeat if not sharp enough

Note: It is advisable to sharpen your chainsaw consistently, especially whenever you finish a heavy-duty task.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Using a Chainsaw Sharpener?

Chainsaw sharpeners are dangerous tools that require safety precautions whenever you’re using them. In fact, serious consequences may befall you if you mishandle and misuse the chainsaw sharpener. Here are safety measures to take whenever using a chainsaw sharpener.

  1. Ensure your sharpener is mounted on a stable and sturdy surface so that it doesn’t move or slipping around during sharpening.
  2. Ensure you wear proper clothing during operation. Long-sleeves, gloves, mask and safety goggles to protect against microscopic metal pieces that may cause you damage.
  3. Make sure you use both of your hands during sharpening. An injury is often caused by a blink of an eye. So do yourself a favor to be attentive whenever getting the chainsaw blade sharpened. Besides, make sure that the sharpener is functioning at its best.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to owning a chainsaw, you have to keep it in top condition. This might need you to set aside time on a regular basis to sharpen the chain. Although there are various ways and tools of doing this, having the best chainsaw sharpener guarantees you an efficient and professional result in a timely manner.

As reviewed above, there are many sharpeners that will get the job done efficiently and quickly. However, SKEMiDEX Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Chain Blade Grinder for Oregon Husqvarna Stihl Echo is our best choice.

This is a great sharpener with excellent mounts to a wall, vise, or bench for convenient sharpening of your chain. It also has the highest grinding speed of 7500 RPM, which ensure your sharpening is done fast and efficiently. You can improve your cutting by two folds with this sharpener that is simple and effective to use. Moreover, it features a large side safety guard to ensure you’re protected during operation.

Regardless of your budget, if you consider the factors we have listed above, you will be sure to purchase a chainsaw sharpener that will serve you adequately without compromising your chain blade. You can also check out here for other well-researched and reviewed products that will be available soon. You can also subscribe to our blog to receive alerts whenever we have updated our list.

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