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Gas chainsaws can add an incredible amount of ease to one’s everyday life. Whether doing yard work around the house or have a big project coming up, this guide will help you understand what gas chainsaw will be best for your job. It is important to make sure that you choose the chainsaw that works best for you because it is going to be with you for whatever upcoming project you need it for.

In this guide, we will take a look at a variety of gas-powered chainsaws as well as looking at the pros and cons of each so you can figure out which one is the perfect gas-powered chainsaw for you.

Our Best Gas Chainsaw Reviews

1. XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas Chainsaw – Editor’s choice — $$

XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas Chainsaw

If you have been scanning through this guide to see when we would finally get to the largest of these gas-powered chainsaws then your wait ends now. At 22 inches this behemoth has the power and length to get through most of your large jobs.

Like the other saws discussed in this guide, it has a ripcord to get it started, and it has a nice ergonomic and comfortable grip so you can spend less time adjusting your grip and more time slicing through logs, branches, or whatever else you might find in your way.

Not much more can be said about this chainsaw other than the fact that it is the largest one in this guide. The engine is about the same as the other chainsaws discussed, but the extra two inches on the blade help the user to really get deep into a log or tree. If the extra length for those larger jobs is something you need to have in a gas-powered chainsaw then this may be the one for you. So long as you keep it well-oiled and be sure not to overwork it then you should be able to get lots of good use out of this gas-powered chainsaw.

One problem that people seem to have with this chainsaw is that there are parts of the plastic components near portions of the engine that tend to get hot. If used for extended periods of time it may cause some melting and a slight loss in performance for your machine. This can likely be avoided, by taking breaks sporadically to let the engine cool but it is important to consider when looking to purchase a chainsaw


If you are confident in your ability to control such a large piece of equipment and need something to get through all those larger and tougher projects then this may be the gas-powered chainsaw for you. It is a great value and great quality. The blades on it do tend to get dull, but that is bound to happen to every chainsaw that gets extensive use. Compared to most other name brand chainsaws that are the same size you are getting a tremendous deal for a product that may last just as long so long as it does not get neglected and you are sure to keep good care of it. If you are familiar with using gas-powered chainsaws and need something to get you through the larger projects then this is probably the chainsaw for you.


  • Long blade to get through large projects


  • Blades tend to get dull fast
  • Can be large and difficult to wield

2. LZ Chainsaw LCS1020 20V 20IN Bar 52CC 3.5HP – Gas Powered Chainsaw — $$

LZ Chainsaw LCS1020 20V 20IN Bar 52CC 3.5HP

This 20-inch chainsaw is rapidly making its way to many people’s Christmas lists, and for good reason. It is a firm and useful chainsaw designed for work around the house. Its official description says it is ideal for clearing branches and logs of wood. It would not be the best if you have a large tree that needs to be cut down, but for everyday work, it will absolutely get the job done.

It has a built-in anti-vibration system meant to counteract the intense vibrations that come with cutting wood. This chainsaw also comes with quick-start technology which is meant to reduce the amount of effort required to get the motor up and running. It has a built-in handle, designed to give you a firm grip to better tackle whatever project lay before you. After looking through these chainsaws you will no doubt see a trend, they are all orange and black.

This gas-powered chainsaw is no different, it has the classic orange and black color that many people expect in a chainsaw. Once again, it seems as though this chainsaw was built for all of your suburban yard work needs, but would likely have trouble performing heavy-duty work out in a field.

Performance-wise, you can expect consistent, high-quality work so long as you don’t push it to its limit. Around the yard or with lighter jobs this gas-powered chainsaw will run smoothly cutting limbs, slicing through logs, or any other small to medium size tasks you may have in front of you.

As with most chainsaws, it is crucial that you be sure to follow the instruction manual for keeping this machine well-oiled and operating within the designed parameters if you hope to get as much use out of this chainsaw as possible.


This is absolutely the best chainsaw for you if you have a medium to light workload. We strongly recommend this chainsaw to any suburban homeowner who needs some yard work done. If you are not looking for one yourself then this will make an excellent gift for that yard work savvy, do it yourself type of person.


  • Super easy to start
  • Anti Vibration technology
  • All-purpose machine


  • Would not be suitable for cutting down large trees
  • Overall, it is one of the stronger chainsaws when just doing yard work around the house, but for larger projects, you cannot expect great results.

3. Nexttechnology Gas Chainsaw 18 Inch – $

Nexttechnology Gas Chainsaw 18″ Inch

There are lots of amazing things to be said about this chainsaw as well. Overall, it offers some specific advantages as well as disadvantages compared to the other chainsaws we will be reviewing in this guide.

This gas-powered chainsaw looks very similar to the last one, with the major difference being in length. 18 inches offers a bit more precision and a significantly cheaper price tag.

It comes with a strong forward grip and comes to you in the classic orange and black color scheme. Overall, this sturdy machine will provide you with lots of support for smaller, less intensive jobs. The smaller blade will allow you to better assess where the blade end is cutting and where it ends, thus giving you more visibility and precision with every cut, but not by a huge margin.

There are no noticeable issues that one must consider when looking into purchasing this gas-powered chainsaw. It will perform well for your smaller jobs and for some medium-sized ones but will have much difficulty with large and intensive jobs. This model is a fairly intuitive machine, so there will not be any trouble getting to understand how this machine works. The chainsaw is very user-friendly and will suit you well if you need to do some work around the house or yard.


You might be wondering if this gas-powered chainsaw will work for you. If looking for a reliable midsize gas-powered chainsaw that will offer you some precision while not sacrificing that much power then this gas-powered chainsaw will likely suit you well. If you have more specific needs and require more detail about which chainsaw will work best for you then take a look at the comprehensive chart that will let you compare all the gas-powered chainsaws discussed in this guide. You may know the term “jack of all trades”, that title would suit this medium-sized gas-powered chainsaw well.

It offers a decent amount of power as well as precision. Not every chainsaw will suit everybody perfectly, but the largest benefit to this gas-powered chainsaw is that it threads the needle between being a larger gas-powered chainsaw and a smaller one. However, by not going to either end of the spectrum of either power or precision, this gas-powered chainsaw doesn’t really fit any specialization particularly well.

It is fine if you have small jobs, but if you need to cut down a relatively large tree then you will likely have much difficulty.

For some, this might not be an issue, but if you need to cut down trees as well as do some smaller yard work without buying two chainsaws then this medium-sized gas-powered chainsaw might not be the best fit for you.

4. Remington RM4618 Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle – Best Medium-sized chainsaw — $$

Remington RM4618 Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle

Remington is known for providing reliable and powerful outdoor equipment, and the Outlaw 44cc 20-inch Gas Chainsaw is no exception. This is the second 18-inch chainsaw this guide will be looking at.

This American made, brand name chainsaw will appeal to a lot of consumers solely on that basis. It has a powerful enough motor and a long enough blade to perform well on all your medium-sized jobs and it would reach its limit when it comes to larger jobs. It has a fairly sturdy and rugged design that let the user know that it is built to last. Part of this sturdy and rugged design is the strong foregrip that comes built into the chainsaw

A large, medium-sized chainsaw is the description that best works for, and that’s exactly the type of jobs that it will perform well for. Cutting down a tree every once in a while maybe alright, but it would likely be hard for this chainsaw to endure constant, large stress like that frequently. It lives up to its highly recognizable name because it delivers in the areas that you would need it to. Need a powerful, but not huge chainsaw to do some work around the house?


Have a medium-sized tree that has been a hassle just taking up space in your backyard? Need some branches cut down? If so, then this gas-powered chainsaw has the potential to add a lot of ease to your life. This is an all-around chainsaw that gives the user a fair amount of control over the power that they wield with this chainsaw. When it comes to a powerful medium-sized chainsaw it does not get much better than this one. The longer blade has the power and length to get through more demanding jobs for a medium-sized chainsaw.

The name Remington itself is well regarded as a trustworthy and reliable brand, and if you are giving this gas-powered chainsaw as a gift then it is sure to leave an impact on the recipient’s mind.

Even if you are getting this chainsaw for your suburban yard work, then when your neighbors see that Remington brand it is sure to turn a few heads in the neighborhood, but unlike the two previous chainsaws, this one doesn’t have any nifty features that make it easier to start. You might have a bit harder time pulling the cord to get it to start. It is still only 18 inches, so it does not rank that much higher compared to the other chainsaws on this list.

As always, if you need a more specific or item by item comparison then be sure to take a look at the chart on this page for a more condensed list of the information discussed in this guide in a quick and easy to understand chart.

5. Remington RM4216 Rebel 42cc 16 – Best small chainsaw — $

Remington RM4216 Rebel 42cc 16 – Best small chainsaw

We have made our way back to the good old Remington for the last chainsaw of this guide. You may have also noticed that this is the smallest chainsaw of this guide as well. At just 16 inches this gas-powered chainsaw provides the precision and ease of use that many desire. This machine does not try to do it all. It is specialized to fit a very specific niche or people. Only those who need a smaller chainsaw for some light yard work would look into getting this chainsaw. It does have a lot to offer, though.

As with most others, it offers a sturdy grip in the front so you can get a firm grasp on your machine while slicing through whatever small tasks may find their way in your path. It is not always about having the largest or the loudest chainsaw on the block, sometimes your fine details of yard work require a little bit more precision than most and that is where the Rebel 42cc 16-inch Gas Chainsaw comes in.

A company does not get internationally recognized simply because it is catchy. Remington is recognized in houses all around the US as well as the world because they consistently make remarkably sturdy and reliable products that are built to stand the test of time. This gas-powered chainsaw is ideal for someone who has some branches or tiny saplings to cut through. It should perform very well on smaller projects requiring a bit more precision than some of the larger, more unwieldy chainsaws that have been discussed in this guide.

If you often have trouble keeping the chains aww under control when out in the yard, and you need something a little bit smaller so that you are able to stay safe and at work for longer periods of time then this may be able to give you the performance you are looking for.


If you are strongly considering this chainsaw then you must have a small project coming up. This little chainsaw packs a punch, and with it you will just about always know exactly where and how you are cutting someone. It is still a great and sturdy gas-powered chainsaw. It just fits a very specific niche. If you are looking to give this as a gift to somebody who already has a larger chainsaw and needs something smaller for doing work around the house then this may be a very good match.

Additionally, if this is being bought as a gift for someone who does not need to cut down any trees but just has some small yard work around the house that a chainsaw would make a lot easier than once again this may be a great gift for them. It is important to check our comprehensive chart if you need more details about the specifics of this chainsaw and want to see how it would suit you or whoever you are buying it for.


  • Quick and easy to start.
  • Great for small projects.
  • Tremendous precision.


  • Really short.
  • Smaller motor.

Buyers Guide

This guide is meant to provide the viewer with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of these 5 chainsaws. If you are looking for something for a professional logging company or something small for fine workmanship with a chainsaw then you might want to look at more specialized guides. This guide is merely for the suburban homeowner looking to spend about one hundred dollars on a chainsaw that will fit their needs perfectly. If you are one for cutting down large trees then the XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas Chainsaw is probably the one for you.

For midsized needs, both the Remington RM4620 Outlaw 46cc 20-inch Gas Chainsaw and the LZ Chainsaw LCS1020 20V 20IN Bar 52CC 3.5HP Gas Powered Chainsaw may perform well for you.

For the buyer looking to buy something on the smaller end then the Remington RM4216 Rebel 42cc 16-inch Gas Chainsaw and the Next technology Gas Chainsaw 18″ Inch might be the one for you. As always, if you have a lot of really specific comparisons that you would like to make then you are going to have to take a look at our comparison chart. It is located on this very page, so you can simply look at one chainsaw and compare its stats to see how it stacks up against the other chainsaws discussed in this guide.


Q: How do I know if this is the right pick for me?
A: It is really hard to know if one chainsaw is going to absolutely fit every need you might have, but using this guide will help you figure out just how useful each of these chainsaws ill be for you. Make sure you really think about what you will be using this chainsaw for and then consider which one will offer you the most utility.
Q: Which chainsaw will last the longest?
A: It is hard to determine exactly how long a chainsaw will last for because every person uses their chainsaw differently and for different reasons. It is always recommended to be sure to keep your chainsaw operating within the parameters of the user manual.
Q: Would these chainsaws make a good gift?
A: All of these chainsaws would be a great gift for that yard savvy person in your life. If a person already has a larger chainsaw for big jobs then you might want to consider one of the smaller chainsaws. Or if he or she is in the line for an all-around chainsaw then one of the medium-sized chainsaws might work well. If they have a small chainsaw that has not been able to do any larger jobs, then you may want to more strongly consider either one of the larger chainsaws or one of the medium-sized ones. It is important to go with your best judgment because this guide cannot consider every variable that you may have.

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  1. Sharon Rishel

    I would have to say LZ Chainsaw LCS1020. Doesn’t pick up quite as much odour, but is lighter in weight and works just as well.

  2. Julia Duffy

    Remington RM4618. Definitely not the prettiest chain saw but it’s reliable and for the money, blows all of the competition out of the water.

  3. Mary Medina

    The Remington RM4216 is pretty easy to use, heavy duty, though a little pricey compared to others.

  4. Jacqueline Whitner

    I recently had to replace a bunch of boards on my pickup and thought I would go get a chainsaw for the job. Nexttechnology Gas Chainsaw perfectly fits to woodwork

  5. Louise Bailey

    I would get the one that spray coolant on the blade. This will prevent rust and eventual blade failure. For example LZ Chainsaw LCS1020 have flexible chain

  6. Teresa Springer

    I think the XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP saw at this site is pretty good. Low maintenance, good cutting power, and the blade are pretty easy to clean.

  7. Lisa Law

    If you can’t go up and talk to the store manager personally, you can always always get a noob’s recommendation. I recommend XtremepowerUS 22″ 2.4HP. Very affordable. Good flavor. Saves you money when splitting logs.

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