Poulan Chainsaw Reviews

Big projects demand powerful and big chainsaws. Poulan is a brand name that is synonymous with powerful engines that are capable of tackling big projects efficiently. These chainsaws are known to be reliable, reasonably priced, and great to use. Poulan Saw Company has produced fantastic products over the years. In this article, we review some of the great chainsaws that Poulan Company has produced.

Here are 6 Poulan gas-powered chainsaws that we have reviewed after extensively researching on them.

Our Poulan Chainsaw Reviews

1. Poulan Pro 967061501 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw with Carrying Case, 20″ — Editor’s choice $$

The design and construction of Poulan Pro 967061501 is a combined force of two popular companies: Husqvarna and Poulan.

As such, the components of this chainsaw are the best from both companies. Additionally, its product is based on an improvement of its previous model.

Poulan Pro 967061501 is a gas-powered chainsaw that features a powerful 2-stroke engine.

The 50cc rated engine is powerful enough to cut down large hardwood trees on a regular basis. Its standard bar and chain are designed for heavy-duty jobs that perform greatly when sharpened. It also comes with a spring-assisted Effortless Pull-Start system that allows for a reliable start with negligible cord-pulling effort. Its quick and easy Soft Start purge also comes integrated with chock and stop controls for convenient stop control.

This all-around robust Pro model is equipped with an OxyPower engine for extra power with a low level of emissions and economical fuel consumption.

This model is easy to handle with excellent thick padded handles that make working with it easier as compared to the normal soft grips fitted in other models.

What’s more, it has very low vibrations, so you won’t experience much strain whenever you’re using this chainsaw, even on big cutting jobs.

It comes equipped with a chain guard that is strategically located and an easy right-hand operated chain brake.

The chain brake is activated by inertial for extra safety.

Maintenance for this chainsaw is made easier with a convenient side adjust chain tensioning as well as easy to access clips on the cylinder cover for quick filter and spark plug.

Moreover, it is backed with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • A powerful engine that is ideal for heavy-duty cutting jobs
  • Safer with chain breaks
  • Lightweight with minimal vibrations
  • Easy to start and operate


  • Poorly made flimsy handles
  • It May prove difficult to start

2. Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw with Carrying Case – Ergonomic design — $$$

Poulan Pro 5020AV and Poulan Pro 967061501 are more of the same with their engines making the distinction between them. However, if you ask most users to highlight the differences between these two machines’ engines, you will be surprised to get different answers.

This Poulan Pro 5020AV features a DuraLife 50cc engine that is long-lasting. The power 2-stroke engine comes fitted with a 20-inch bar and chain that can withstand heavy-duty cutting jobs.

The engine also features a SuperClean air filter system that allows minimal filter maintenance while extending the lifespan of your filter.

This chainsaw comes with an automatic chain oiler that ensures the chain and bar is well lubricated.

It also comes with low kickback Oregon Vanguard chain and bars for safety measures.

To minimize vibrations, this model comes with excellent and extra- thick padding that makes the handling of this chainsaw comfortable as it runs on low vibration levels.


  • Powerful for heavy-duty jobs
  • Automatic chain oiler for even oiling
  • Easily portable with carrying case


  • Cheaply made casing
  • Slightly heavy

3. Poulan PP3416 16” 34CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw Home/Tree Chainsaw Oiler – Best for Lighter Jobs — $$

Poulan PP3416 chainsaw is equipped with many excellent features that will take care of you lighter home cutting tasks.

Besides its excellent features and specifications, Poulan PP3416 is also an affordable chainsaw that you will find irresistible to buy. If you intend to have a chainsaw for your personal home use, you can have this since it’s well-constructed and backed by a 1-year warranty.

Poulan PP3416 is a 16-inch chainsaw. This model comes with a 34cc gas-powered engine that is ideal for light cutting jobs around your home and downing a few trees. The chainsaw features an auto-oiling system that keeps the 16-inch bar and chain well lubricated at all times for high performance.

It is easy to run this chainsaw as it comes with easy to follow instructions. Moreover, its anti-vibe technology handles cushions you from vibrations to allow comfortable operation.


  • It’s easy to operate
  • Affordable
  • Anti-vibe technology handles for comfortable sawing


  • Might not run at full speed after cranking
  • Does not settle fully in its idle setting, which makes restarting quite difficult

4. Poulan Pro 967084601 Handheld Gas Chainsaw, 16”— $$

Poulan Pro 967084601 is a handheld gas chainsaw that features a high standard design and construction and a heavy-duty bar and chain all available at a pocket-friendly price.

It’s reflected as a medium-duty chainsaw that can be utilized by non-professional users as well as DIYs. Moreover, if you want to carry out heavy jobs, you can fit a heavy-duty bar and chain for efficient performance.

Poulan Pro 967084601 comes with a powerful 40cc 2-stroke OxyPower engine that is powered by gasoline. The OxyyPower engine is equipped with a SuperClean air filtration system that is common in high-end chainsaw engines.

With this air filtration system, you won’t be cleaning your air filter often as is the case with other gas engines. Moreover, this system prolongs the lifespan of your engine. It features a spring assisted recoil starter and a purge bulb that primes the gas supply prior to starting.

This chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use with 13 pounds. It’s fitted with soft grip handles that are ergonomically designed for easy access of controls and comfortable use. Since it is a lightweight machine, vibration is hardly noticeable.

Poulan Pro 967084601 has auto-chain lubrication with an opening that allows viewing the oil level while working.

The storage is innovatively positioned for the chain-tensioning wrench. The gear-driven oiler keeps the chain and bar lubricated, thus reducing wear and tear while reducing maintenance requirement.


  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable handling
  • Automatic gear-driven oiler for even chain and bar lubrication
  • High-quality gasoline 40cc engine


  • It May be difficult to start
  • Not durable

5. Poulan Pro PR4218 Handheld Gas Chainsaw, 18″- Best Fuel Economy — $

Poulan Pro PR4218 comes with excellent features that are designed to tackle heavy-duty cutting jobs.

It is considered a medium-duty chainsaw that can be used by DIYs who want to cut medium trees and branches around their homes at an affordable price.

Poulan Pro PR4218 is an 18-inch chainsaw that features a 42cc gasoline-powered engine. Like other pro chainsaw brands, this one also comes fitted with 2–stroke patented OxyPower technology for efficient fuel consumption while reducing harmful emissions.

It also features the SuperClean air filter system that ensures longer-life air filter and reduced fuel consumption.

The spring-assist pull cord is integrated with an easy-to-use purge bulb that ensures simple, fast starts with minimum cord pulls.

For superior comfort and easy access to controls, it features ergonomically designed handles with an innovative anti-vibration system. The anti-vibration system significantly reduces handle vibrations to lessen your fatigue. The onboard scrench combines storage with snap lock cover, allowing easy tool-less access to the chain-tensioning tool.


  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Easy to adjust chain tension
  • Comfortable to handle with ergonomically designed handles


  • Poorly made casing
  • The chain may spin on its own even when idle.

6. Poulan 967669301 Handheld Gas Chainsaw, 18″ – Best Price — $$

Poulan 967669301 is an 18-inch chainsaw that is designed with medium cutting jobs in mind. If you want a chainsaw for cutting firewood and clearing after a storm, this is the chainsaw model to pick. It has many excellent features that are ideal for medium-duty jobs.

It comes with a 42cc gasoline-powered engine that is a 2-stroke engine, which comes fitted with 18-inch bar and chain. The SuperClean engine allows minimum cleaning of the air filter and lengthens the lifespan of the machine.

It also features an automatic bar and chain oiler that is standard to ensure the chain is well oiled for efficient cutting performance.

The handles are designed for comfortable handling while the inertia activated chain brake guarantees your safety. Moreover, the anti-vibe technology makes sure the vibrations are at the lowest level for reduced fatigue.


  • Great chainsaw at an affordable price
  • Ideal for medium-duty jobs
  • Chain brakes for safety
  • Automatic bar and chain oiler


  • Does not idle well
  • Difficult to start

What to Look at When Buying Poulan Chainsaw – Buyer’s Guide

What size Chainsaw do I need?

This is among the first and most important factors you will need to consider prior to buying a chainsaw. What is the right size of the chainsaw for my needs?

In most cases, the longer and more powerful a chainsaw is, the heavier and bulkier it will be. If you intend to use the chainsaw for finer woodworking, you might consider choosing a lightweight model. In fact, even the few pounds of weight will make a difference in how tired your hands will be after sawing for about 30 minutes.

Heavy-duty jobs, however, will mostly need a heavier chainsaw, implying that you might consider a solid model. When working with a solid model, however, make sure to take breaks to prevent too much fatigue.

Engine Power

The engine power directly affects the cutting speed of your chainsaw. The engine power is matched with the kind of task you intend to tackle. Poulan light-duty chainsaw engines range from 24cc up to 34cc and come fitted with a bar blade of 10-inches to 14- inches that work just fine with light cutting tasks.

Medium duty chainsaw engine sizes range between 34cc-44cc while the blade size is between 14-inches to 18-inches. These can handle common domestic cutting jobs like felling average trees and firewood.

Heavy-duty chainsaw engine sizes, on the other hand, range from 46cc and onwards while they are fitted with longer blades of 18-inches to 24- inches. These are considered ideal for tackling the most difficult cutting tasks and are often used by professionals. This means that you need to choose a chainsaw engine power based on what you intend to use it for.

Safety Features

Chain brake: Reviewing this safety feature is necessary before buying a chainsaw. It appears like a plastic handguard at the front of the chainsaw body.

This is what protects you once the chain is instantly jerked up. It can either be activated manually by pulling it back or automatically through inertia. An automatically activated chain brake is ideal.

Chain Stoppers: When the chain is running, it is potentially dangerous. It is for this reason that manufacturers need to include several elements in order to reduce the risk of an accident. A chain stopper is made from plastic or metal, and it is designed to intercept a broken or derailed chain. This prevents the chain from rotating as it lands on the operator.

Additionally, be sure to check out for a low kickback chain, a low kickback guide bar, as well as a guide bar safety tip or tip guard.

Vibration Reduction

Chainsaws can vibrate when they are well lubricated and used appropriately. However, extreme vibrations may lead to unforeseen injuries to you and may include white finger and hand-arm vibration syndrome. Modern chainsaws come with anti-vibration handles that utilize rubber or spring to soften the vibrations to eliminate these vibrations. Heated handles will also protect you from developing vibration-related injuries. Consider choosing chainsaws that have these features.


Q: How do I mix gas and oil?

A: You can mix 3.2 ounces of Poulan 2-cycle air-cooled engine oil to one gallon of fresh unleaded gasoline in order to obtain the 40:1 recommended fuel to oil ratio. With time, however, you will find that the oil separates from the gasoline. As such, it’s recommended that you shake the oil and gas mixture thoroughly prior to refueling your chainsaw to obtain a proper mixture.

Q: Can I use alcohol blended gasoline for my unit?

A: Yes, you can. Alcohol blended fuels such as gasohol or methanol can be used, although you can only use those with up to ten percent of alcohol. However, you should not store your chainsaw with this alcohol blended mixture. In most cases, alcohol blended fuels attract moisture, which forms acids that can corrode your fuel system, hence damaging it.

On the other hand, fuels with higher alcohol contents will deprive your engine of the needed power, thus making it run erratically.

Poulan engines are calibrated to operate on 87 octanes regular unleaded gasoline.

Q: Can I store my unit with fuel?

A: No, you shouldn’t. When you store your unit, ensure that it’s empty, especially when storing it for a long time.

Simply drain the fuel tank, retighten the gas cap, and run it until it stops on its own. Emptying the fuel tank averts gum deposits from developing in the fuel tank.

Q: Why won’t the engine start?

A: A number of things could make your unit engine not to kick on. Here are a few things to check.

Firstly, check whether the switch is in position. Ensure that you are using the right fuel mixture that is younger than 90 days after mixing. Additionally, do not use a fuel mixture of the earlier seasons.

Secondly, check whether the air filter is clean. It is also important to note that an incorrectly gapped spark plug could also be the cause. In this case, remove the spark plug and clear all the electrodes using a wire brush. If the spark plug electrode is wet with fouled gasoline, be sure to replace it and set the gap at 0.25-inch.

Thirdly, check the fuel filters and replace them if they are faulty. If you are using your chainsaw during the hot summers, the unit will not kick on even after being idle for 15-30 minute since the carburetor could be vapor chocked. This is because the hot vapor from the carburetor will make it impossible for the correct amount of gasoline mixture to reach the carburetor. In this case, turn the chainsaw upside down and then loosen the gas gap to leak off any pressure from the tank before closing it. Fill the bulb with fuel by frequently pushing the primer bulb. Let the chainsaw rest for about half an hour before trying to restart it.

In case it doesn’t start after checking all these, then it would be advisable to have it checked by an authorized technician.

Q: What type of oil or lubricant do I use for my chain and bar?

A: Your chain and bar need regular lubrication for optimum performance. Lubrication for Poulan models is done by the auto-oiler system whenever the tank is kept full. However, if poorly oiled, your chain and bar will overheat. Smoke will emerge from the chain, and the bar will discolor when they overheat.

The chain and bar ought to be well oiled by a free moving oil system that pumps sufficient oil for perfect lubrication.

The most recommended lubricant is the Genuine Poulan chain and bar oil that will ensure your chainsaw is protected against excessive wear occasioned by friction and heat. This type of oil is also resistant to high temperature thinning. However, you can use any other brand of chain and bar oil to keep your bar and chain well lubricated.

Q: What may cause the chain to produce irregular cuts?

A:  A number of things may lead to your chain not having proper cuttings. If the chain seems to burn the wood instead of cutting it, there is a high likely that it has been mounted backwards. If it has been cutting but changes after some time, it’s probably due to the chain becoming blunt. This is because it is possible to blunt a sharp cutting chain in a moment. For instance, when you cut wood embedded on dirt, the chain becomes dull quickly.

If your chainsaw is cutting curved, check the cutters of the chain and the guide rails on the bar. In case one side of the chain is sharper than the other one is, it will cut deeper on that side of the wood, and that is what happens when the bar rails are uneven.


As you can see, all the Poulan chainsaws come with excellent fuel-efficient engines and low emission levels. They are also designed for exceptional user comfort with minimal vibrations as compared to many gas-powered chainsaws.

Even though all the reviewed chainsaws come with excellent features, Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw with Carrying Case stands out as our best choice. Unlike other similar models, this comes with a DuraLife Engine with a long lifespan.

You could consider buying this model, especially if you intend to tackle heavy-duty jobs. You can also check out other amazing, well-researched products available soon.

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